We are a global team of experienced intelligence experts who deliver intelligent and secure solutions that protect and increase turnovers.

Based on our advanced methods we investigate and identify optimization potentials to secure businesses and to increase our clients' market shares and business opportunities.

We secure both corporates, NGOs and individuals.

We anchor bullet proof security solutions that mitigate threats, fraudulent activity, industrial espionage and cybercrime.

If you would like to surround yourself with high-profile consultants, who all hold a unique background within their field, we welcome your call...


Our Management

Unusual solutions demand unusual people 

Stiig Waever 



Michel Leonardo Saouma


Mark Pecora

President of US Operations

Dina Herler

Marketing & Communication

Our Team Profiles

Stiig Waever


Stiig Waever is a former detective inspector within the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

Stiig Waever worked in the Special Operations Section covering special sensitive investigations and operations at a local and international level, and was independently responsible for coordinating operations with partners and government officials worldwide.

Stiig Waever has lived and worked in China and Thailand, and support international companies with corporate security, executive advisory services and crisis management on a global scale.

Stiig Weaver operates with an international understanding of secure business optimization and increased continuity.


Risk Mitigation, Corporate and Personal Security, Background screenings & Staff Vetting, Investigation, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Counter Intelligence, Crisis Management, Kidnap for Ransom, Cyber protection, Sport & Event Security Coordination, Medical and Safe City security.

Michel Leonardo Saouma


Michel L. Saouma is a key player in diplomatic business & security solutions, and liaise with great confidence between involved parties.

Michel L. Saouma network in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe is unique, and his line of communication to decision makers within corporate management and boards but also amongst politicians and intelligence agencies, makes him highly valued by our clients.
In recent years, Michel L. Saouma's has designated his core focus on advanced security provision for Businesses Establishment, Asset Management, Crypto Currency, VIP & Family Protection.
With his core roots from Denmark and Lebanon, Michel L. Saouma speaks fluent English, Arabic, German and Danish.
Michel L. Saouma covers our interests from Greece and Lebanon from where he supports our clients with executive advisory and secure business intelligence.


Diplomatic Security Solutions, Risk Mitigation, Asset Management, Krypto Currency, Corporate and Personal Security, VIP protection, Sport, Film & Event Security Coordination, Background Screenings, Investigation, Surveillance Detection, Counter Intelligence, Crisis Management, International Business and Investment Understanding, Kidnap for Ransom, Guard Service and Support.

Marc Pecora

President of US Operations

Mark Pecora is results-driven former FBI special agent, with a unique understanding for modern cooperate security, secure business optimization and VIP protection.

From independently responsibilities and a unique track record for successful operations in US and abroad, Mark understands to merge the right security set-up to International corporations, Local businesses, Surgery Centers, Concerts Venues and or individuals in need of protection.


Corporate Security, Executive advisory, CSO, Retail, IP rights, Fraud and Loss Prevention, Espionage detection and prevention, Physical security and risks assessment plans, Cyber security, Recruiting and Professional Development, Background Screenings, Case Management General, Criminal investigation, Crisis management, VIP protection, Civil Rights, Undercover Operations, Tactical Equipment Operations, Covert Surveillance, Training and Curriculum Development, Multiagency Staff Supervision, Private Security, Homeland Security, International Law Enforcement, Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement 

Dina Herler

Marketing and Communication 

"The best way to predict the future is to create it...

Dina Herler works on a daily basis as a Manager in a large Company. She is educated Teacher, Supervisor and she also has career background from the Retail Industry.

Dina is experienced in Multicultural Management, Entrepreneurship, Communication and Marketing.


We identify potentials, secure businesses and cut through the noise via our intel-based strategy thinking built on fact finding, focus and delivery.


To safeguard our clients with best practice and unique characteristics through our in-depth experience and network in secure business intelligence USA, Asia, in the Middle East and Europe.


In combination with our in-depth knowledge of secure business intelligence, cultural diversities and extensive network of highly ranked executives and politicians we open doors and transform opportunities to business.