VIP Protection


Security is everyone's concern - Waever Groups mission"

Our tailored and risk-aware protective security services help our clients to operate safely and securely. Our range of services are entirely based on a comprehensive analysis of our clients' diverse needs.

Waever Group's underlying approach is to ensure that our clients feel safe and secure - regardless of the local environment. Our detail-oriented thinking towards our clients, combined with our significant experience in providing protective services on behalf of high-profile individuals underscores our reputation as a trusted provider for our clients and their families.

Our team provides discreet, yet highly-effective solutions to help address a wide variety of risks. Each of our solutions entails a detailed approach to preparation and planning, continuous liaison with local authorities and stakeholders, and the use of highly-trained and experienced Close Protection Officers. Our proven approach ensures that we will secure and prevent risks to our clients in a professional and effective manner.

We consistently apply a holistic approach to Executive Protection by ensuring that we tailor each assignment according to the needs of our clients - and we engage with them throughout the entire life-cycle of our assigned project. This further ensures that the freedom and flexibilities for our clients remain unchanged, but adequately secure.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in providing protective and advisory services four clients ensure that Waever Group is the chosen security supplier for several high-profile clients. Each of our services and solutions are tailored, scaleable and delivered throughout the world - including high-risk and challenging environments.  

Our Executive Protection Services portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

  • VIP Protection
  • Providing close support security solutions to protect celebrities, high-profile personalities and Royal Family members.
  • Family Protection Services
  • We provide families with a diverse range of risk-aware services including Close Protection-qualified Chaperones, Security Assessments and Background Screening
  • Mobile Security
  • Enabling our clients to move safely and securely, we provide our clients with ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and medical support.
  • Static Security
  • We use a variety of positions, including Shift Supervisor and Entry Control Point Guards to protect our clients and their worksite.
  • Personal Security Advisory Conducting an in-depth review and analysis of your security posture and providing training and advice in accordance with the local environment and risks identified.
  • Background Screening & Vetting Measuring the integrity of your employees and household staff and providing investigative due diligence to identify anomalies that may present short and long-term risks.
  • Residential Security Providing advisory and technical services to protect homes, business and assets. We work closely with clients to establish an understanding of their needs and provide detail-oriented thinking to implement future-proof security processes.
  • Counter-Espionage & Surveillance Detection
  • We combine the latest technical processes with traditional counter-threat procedures to identify risks and mitigate them through the use of discreet and non-obtrusive methods.
  • Travel and Hospitality Security
  • We do routinely assess security standards at hotel facilities in addition to providing clients with access to our dedicated Travel Security and Risk Analysis platform