Sport Integrity


In recent years ill-willed people and criminal organisations has infiltrated the world of sport exploiting monetary gains linked to match fixing, blackmail, physical abuse and corrupt activities.

For sport organisations it has become more essential than ever before to preventatively act and implement structures and procedures that not only secure the integrity of sport but also detect, prevent and deter illegal and detrimental activities taking place within the sport community.

Not only sport organisations operate across borders and with millions of athletes, leaders, volunteers and sponsors involved, sport has become a hotbed for organisations with the willingness, capacity and power to infiltrate and abuse sport.

At Waever Group, we possess the skills and knowhow on how to tackle head-on these reputational damaging activities.

We have designed a programme specifically tailored towards sports organisations that will enable the sport community to mitigate the associated risks with match fixing and abuse.

This programme is constructed with preventative and investigative pillars with the ethos of providing safe environments for athletes, sports organisations, leaders, fans, sponsors and the integrity of sport.

We invite you to engage with us on how to tackle these vital challenges sport faces.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen

Winston Churchill

We secure and boost the true Integrity in your sport. We enhance fair play and safe environments and prevent abusers from achieving their goals.

Not only sport organisations recruit their athletes, leaders and fans from the world we are living in. Hence there will always be individuals posing a threat due to their unethical behavior.

Through our knowhow we safeguard organisations, events, individuals and your sport as a brand.

With easy adaptable guidelines we implement set-ups that can be used to revel and detect doping, human abusers, blackmailing, misuse of information and access.

We ensure safe work environments, enabling the youth to grow their personality and where fair play, diversity and trust are natural inclusive factors.

For Weaver Group sport is an amazing promoter that enables human diversity and cultures to unite and become a passionate strength through healthy team spirit and global commitment.


  • SIAT - Sport Integrity Awareness Training
  • Backgrounds screening and profiling
  • Risks assessment and planning
  • Event and Stadium Security
  • Country risk assessment
  • Travel security
  • Investigative set-up, interviews & reporting
  • Cyber hacking prevention and awareness
  • Whistle blower set-up and implementation
  • Confidentiality and policy implementation
  • Executive security advisory
  • VIP protection


Today sports organisations are facing an increasingly threat from criminal cartels who have set their eyes on match fixing.

In recent years where match fixing has reached extensive proportions, and where ill-willed people has seen a gab for generating money, it is unfortunately a phenomenon that will not depart by itself.

If match fixing is not meet with the proper insight and right techniques it will erode the pillars on which Sport are built.

For Sport organisations is has become more essential than ever to defeat the threat the exist as match fixing will not only paralyse fair play and prevent athletes from doing their best, it will also undermine the pure integrity of Sport.

In Waever Group we understand the governing principles in sport and in doing so we support you in keeping your sport healthy by preventing criminal organizations from entering. .

Our guidelines are easy implementable, and we look forward to assist and to engage in a fruitful cooperation allowing you to detect and prevent match fixing in your sport.

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  • Executive advisory
  • Cognitive interviewing
  • Investigation and detection
  • Preventive measures
  • Mitigation and policy implementation
  • Strategic set-ups
  • Conclusive reporting


Since the very early days sport have had the ability to bring people together, including people looking for opportunities to make money on sport - at any cost.

In recent years the exposure of corruption in Sport is at an all-time high. With large profits to be made and with limited risk of detection, penetration via manipulation in the world of sport has become a source of income for syndicates all over the world. By making the unpredictable, predictable, the use of blackmailing, influence, violence and intimidation has become a way for offenders to increase their profits.

To ensure good governance and ethical due diligence in time, corruption has to be prevented with effective tools. Thus, to highlights the importance of unquestionable integrity and full support to advanced investigative methods and transparency that will minimize and prevent corruption from taking place.

In Waever Group we hold a unique experience to counter crimes and to bring relevant stakeholders together to identify, mitigate and implement solid safeguarding tools to accelerate and empower our clients with high integrity and optimal solutions.

Sport & Event

We tailor risk assessment plans as well as security and evacuation plans for events no matter size.

Where many people are gathered risks exists and to secure crowds and assets, we provide risk assessment plans, security policies, undercover operation and recommendations and serve as your liaison between authorities and stakeholders.

For the sporting world, where organized criminals have set their eyes on potential earnings, we assist clubs, organizations and individual athletes to conduct assessment plans that form the foundation for effective security set-up securing travel security, location security, information of sensitivity and privacy. Furthermore, we secure individuals, families, brands and assets.

For organizations, we are also recruited to penetrate organized match-fixing and doping by specialized investigation methodologies and interviews of whistle-blowers, witnesses and individuals involved.

We secure and protect and use our backgrounds to prevent and mitigate critical incidents from happening before it is too late. With our event and sports program, we identify the threats that both events and the sports world are facing and welcome you to reach out to hear more about our services.