The risk of hacking, exploitation and sabotage remains increasing. In Waever Group we increase your cyber and information security to protect your IP rights, IT assets and sensitive data.

In a world where cyber criminals and even government supported hacking change modus operandi on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to minimize and mitigate business hacking with accurate cyber tests and preventive security tools.

Our team of cyber experts holds years of experience securing systems, identifying loopholes and identifying hackers. Being ahead of your opponents, is not only cost saving, but also pure brand protection and added value to your business end employees.

We engage in scalable advisory and implement: cyber security set-up, penetration tests, secure communication, and increased awareness training for both corporates and individuals.

We also present lectures in cybercrime and are often consulted to qualify security set-up before decisions are made by executive boards.

We welcome you to consult us for further information...