With our roots anchored in Denmark, Congo, Angola, Greece, Lebanon and USA, we provide insight, knowledge and expertise. 

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Security Specialist in Africa

In Africa, we hold a particularly strong presence operating effectively and across countries with our services. Through our extensive network within the region, we help businesses build bridges to Government officials and business partners to secure healthy investments or market entry from the start. Via our secure due diligence programs, we form the right pathway for our clients to avoid pitfalls and delays. Our network in Africa covers among others; Members of Royal Families, Diplomates, Representatives of Governments, Intelligence Agencies, International Businesses and Organisations.

B2B Advisory

We identify potentials to secure business, and cut through the noise with intel-based strategy thinking built on fact finding, focus and delivery. Based on our in-depth cultural and local understanding, combined with our extensive network of executives, politicians and highly ranked decision-makers we open doors and transform opportunities to serious businesses. With our roots anchored in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, we capture the best from each continent and guide our clients in secured business integrity and cultural understanding. All our consultants present a unique background within their respective fields and take pride in a high level of delivery, commitment and absolute confidentiality in respect of our clients and networks.


The risks of business disturbances, hacking, exploitation and sabotage are growing rapidly.      In Waever Group, we increase the overall security for businesses, VIPs and their families. With our advanced methods within cyber and information security we protect our clients' and their business continuity, assets, IP rights, IT structure and data. In a volatile world where criminals, and even government supported hacking, change modus operandi on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to minimize and mitigate any business risks and hacking with accurate, preventive and efficient security tools. Our expertise is gathered from serving recognised intelligence agencies and international businesses on a global scale,

The Elikia Hope Foundation

In Waever Group, we support the Elikia Hope Foundation founded and chaired by Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muato of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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About the Firm

We are a global team of experienced business and intelligence experts delivering intel-based strategy thinking built on fact finding, focus and delivery. In Waever Group we operate in volatile environments and cut through the noise via our advanced methods of due diligence and network.

With our network in Africa - we are ready to provide you with our best services



We hold a unique experience from advising high-profile executives and board members around the world and from our past in the intelligence world in particular US, UK and Denmark.



Based on intelligent and advanced methods we identify and deliver recommendations for optimization solutions and factual reports that can be used internally or for further legal action



The risk of hacking, exploitation and sabotage remains increasing. In Waever Group we increase your cyber and information security to protect your IP rights, IT assets and sensitive data.


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