Sport Integrity


  • SIAT - Sport Integrity Awareness Training
  • Backgrounds screening and profiling
  • Risks assessment and planning
  • Event and Stadium Security
  • Country risk assessment
  • Travel security
  • Investigative set-up, interviews & reporting
  • Cyber hacking prevention and awareness
  • Whistle blower set-up and implementation
  • Confidentiality and policy implementation
  • Executive security advisory
  • VIP protection

We secure and boost the true Integrity in your sport. We enhance fair play and safe environments and prevent abusers from achieving their goals.

Not only sport organisations recruit their athletes, leaders and fans from the world we are living in. Hence there will always be individuals posing a threat due to their unethical behavior.

Through our knowhow we safeguard organisations, events, individuals and your sport as a brand.

With easy adaptable guidelines we implement set-ups that can be used to revel and detect doping, human abusers, blackmailing, misuse of information and access.

We ensure safe work environments, enabling the youth to grow their personality and where fair play, diversity and trust are natural inclusive factors.

For Weaver Group sport is an amazing promoter that enables human diversity and cultures to unite and become a passionate strength through healthy team spirit and global commitment.