Sport & Event

We tailor risk assessment plans as well as security and evacuation plans for events no matter size.

Where many people are gathered risks exists and to secure crowds and assets, we provide risk assessment plans, security policies, undercover operation and recommendations and serve as your liaison between authorities and stakeholders.

For the sporting world, where organized criminals have set their eyes on potential earnings, we assist clubs, organizations and individual athletes to conduct assessment plans that form the foundation for effective security set-up securing travel security, location security, information of sensitivity and privacy. Furthermore, we secure individuals, families, brands and assets.

For organizations, we are also recruited to penetrate organized match-fixing and doping by specialized investigation methodologies and interviews of whistle-blowers, witnesses and individuals involved.

We secure and protect and use our backgrounds to prevent and mitigate critical incidents from happening before it is too late. With our event and sports program, we identify the threats that both events and the sports world are facing and welcome you to reach out to hear more about our services...