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Our Experts

Stiig Waever 


Stiig Wæver is a former detective inspector within the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

Stiig Wæver worked in the Special Operations Section covering special sensitive investigations and operations at a local and international level, and was independently responsible for coordinating operations with partners and government officials worldwide.

Stiig Wæver has lived and worked in China and Thailand, and support international companies with corporate security, executive advisory services and crisis management on a global scale.

Stiig Weaver operates with an international understanding of secure business optimization and increased continuity.


Risk Mitigation, Corporate and Personal Security, Background screenings & Staff Vetting, Investigation, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Counter Intelligence, Crisis Management, Kidnap for Ransom, Cyber protection, Sport & Event Security Coordination, Medical and Safe City security.

Michel Leonardo Saouma


Michel L. Saouma is a key player in diplomatic business & security solutions, and liaise with great confidence between involved parties.

Michel L. Saouma network in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe is unique, and his line of communication to decision makers within corporate management and boards but also amongst politicians and intelligence agencies, makes him highly valued by our clients.

In recent years, Michel L. Saouma's has designated his core focus on advanced security provision for Businesses Establishment, Asset Management, Crypto Currency, VIP & Family Protection.

With his core roots from Denmark and Lebanon, Michel L. Saouma speaks fluent English, Arabic, German and Danish.

Michel L. Saouma covers our interests from Greece and Lebanon from where he supports our clients with executive advisory and secure business intelligence.


Diplomatic Security Solutions, Risk Mitigation, Asset Management, Krypto Currency, Corporate and Personal Security, VIP protection, Sport, Film & Event Security Coordination, Background Screenings, Investigation, Surveillance Detection, Counter Intelligence, Crisis Management, International Business and Investment Understanding, Kidnap for Ransom, Guard Service and Support.

Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of the  Democratic Republic of Congo


Queen Diambi has an extensive experience in international affairs, economics and public administration. 

Using skillful soft diplomacy and her acute understanding of the geopolitical environment she has been engaging many partners all over the world like governmental agencies, international institutions, corporate and private entities to create comprehensive and highly efficient platforms to help structure collaborations between Africans and those interested in investing or working on the continent. 

These structures are staffed with experts in all fields of competence to insure that the protocols of collaboration will yield benefits for all stakeholders, including those of local populations and the environment. Bringing her multidisciplinary expertise and her vast international network,  Queen Diambi helps all partners vested in the special projects access the right information to devise the appropriate conceptualisation and planning of the various phases of the projects, have the appropriate tools to implement the executive and operational strategies, evaluate achievements of each phase of development and operation and finally assess the success of each project".