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Today sports organisations are facing an increasingly threat from criminal cartels who have set their eyes on match fixing.

In recent years where match fixing has reached extensive proportions, and where ill-willed people has seen a gab for generating money, it is unfortunately a phenomenon that will not depart by itself.

If match fixing is not meet with the proper insight and right techniques it will erode the pillars on which Sport are built.

For Sport organisations is has become more essential than ever to defeat the threat the exist as match fixing will not only paralyse fair play and prevent athletes from doing their best, it will also undermine the pure integrity of Sport.

In Waever Group we understand the governing principles in sport and in doing so we support you in keeping your sport healthy by preventing criminal organizations from entering. .

Our guidelines are easy implementable, and we look forward to assist and to engage in a fruitful cooperation allowing you to detect and prevent match fixing in your sport.

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