Since the very early days sport have had the ability to bring people together, including people looking for opportunities to make money on sport - at any cost.

In recent years the exposure of corruption in Sport is at an all-time high. With large profits to be made and with limited risk of detection, penetration via manipulation in the world of sport has become a source of income for syndicates all over the world. By making the unpredictable, predictable, the use of blackmailing, influence, violence and intimidation has become a way for offenders to increase their profits.

To ensure good governance and ethical due diligence in time, corruption has to be prevented with effective tools. Thus, to highlights the importance of unquestionable integrity and full support to advanced investigative methods and transparency that will minimize and prevent corruption from taking place.

In Waever Group we hold a unique experience to counter crimes and to bring relevant stakeholders together to identify, mitigate and implement solid safeguarding tools to accelerate and empower our clients with high integrity and optimal solutions.